Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ban Child Beauty Pageants?

So, The French (it’s always The FRENCH, innit?), want to BAN Child Beauty Pageants?  Well, that just seems a bit excessive, doesn’t it? 

Or, does it?

With pics like these floating around Paris Vogue, I think maybe we all need to give our collective heads a shake:

As the article in World News Reports (you can find it, here: 

“Chantal Jouanno, the senator who authored the report, told Le Figaro newspaper that young girls were being disguised as sexual candy and that it was “contrary to the dignity of the human being.” She called it "a step backward for gender equality.”

Bravo, Chantal Jouanno, damn straight.   Gift-wrapping pre-pubescent children and placing them in sexually provocative poses to be put on display for all the world’s perverts to enjoy is not okay.  I don’t care what legal release forms the parents or “guardians” signed, it’s not okay.

As a writer, I’m all for freedom-of-expression but when it comes to using children, there are limits.   As adults, protecting children is a big part of our job.  So, fashion industry, listen up:  If you won’t govern yourself in this regard, we’ll govern it for you.


  1. This is one of those very emotive issues - as a parent it surprises me that some parents get so caught up in this. From what I've seen, so many of these parents become blinded by their desire for their kids to be the best. It's very sad to see these poor kids engulfed in their parents' obsession.
    Let kids be kids - it's only a short part of life - so don't make them grow up before it's time.

  2. You'd think their parents only care about themselves (money, money, fame 'n money)..