Welcome fans of Neverdark!

Great Oak, and Holy Bug Guts! 

The Faeries of Southnut are in big trouble. 
Lord Darkwater is up to no good.

 Warning! This book contains (1) very kick-butt Faerie Princess, 
an Evil Dark Lord, a rhino-beetle named "Gor", Dragonfly Riders, 
Bat Brigades and an extremely adorable, fluffy, pet firefly
 with anger-management issues. 

From the blurb: 

The White Castle of Doru is under attack by the greatest army 
Princess Fiera's ever seen. Lord Darkwater is poised to crush her
 tiny kingdom unless the king gives her up to become his wife. 

Well, fffungus! She's having none of that! 

The race is on for Fiera to outwit Lord Darkwater's Dragonfly Riders, 
Bat Brigades, and even a giant, faerie - eating Spider to save herself 
and, before it's too late, her whole world. 

NEW!  Neverdark is now approved for the Public 
School Curriculum in PEI Canada!  It will 
be in all 6th grade classes and all public school libraries 
in the 2012/2013 school year.  Hooray!


As reviewed by HarperCollins: 

NEVERDARK is a charming fairytale/adventure for children of all ages.
 It is a traditional tale, but it certainly doesn’t feel old-fashioned. 
This is in large part due to the vivacious writing and the
very engaging authorial voice. 

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  1. I really loved reading Neverdark. I've posted my review on Goodreads and on Amazon Canada.