Sunday, April 8, 2012


Something Wonderful is Happening

Something wonderful is happening *right now* on

NEVERDARK , my debut Indie faerie story for tweens is currently:

#85 In the Kindle Store (FREE)
#2 In Children's Ebooks Ages 9-12
#1 In Children's Fiction Girls & Women

But, that's not the truly wonderful bit.
It's this:

Lovely, amazing, bold champions of the book all over the world are FB'ing and Tweeting and posting like mad to make this happen. Heroes like Liz (Seanat, Elka), from Goodreads, That Girl Tyson of Youtube Blogger Fame, Lucia Adams, Rebecca Hamilton ( THE FOREVER GIRL), and JohnDoe (Authonomy) are sending me PM's to let me know they're spreading the word on Reader Sites I've never even heard of (but probably should have).

This is taking hold.

Most importantly, nearly FOUR THOUSAND kids who didn't have access to NEVERDARK now do.

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for all that. 

CS (Sho) Einfeld

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