Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FIVE STARS for Elliot And The Goblin War

FIVE Stars for  Elliot And The Goblin War by Jennifer Nielson

I really enjoyed this book.

One of the first things that captivated me was the tone, reminiscent of "Lemony Snicket", with its "Dear Reader" authorial intrusion (which, I love).

The story is about Elliot, a pretty easy-going boy, just minding his own business one Halloween night when what do you suppose happens?

Why, he starts a full-scale war between The Goblins and The Brownies, of course!  It wasn't his fault--well, not exactly, he was just trying to help out a really tiny kid who was being chased by some other big kids in really cool Goblin costumes.  Hey, how was he supposed to know they were real?

Then, there's a whole bunch of other "unfortunate events", some shenanigans involving curses, a hag, carrots, chocolate cake, and a bully named "Tubs".  Before long, the whole Underworld's in an uproar.

Elliot gets crowned 'King' (WHAT?  I know, right!), and so, it's kinda his responsibility to fix this big mess.

Trust me, there's not a tween topside who won't enjoy this book.

I very highly recommend it!

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