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On Bad Reviews, The Selection, and Wendy Darling on

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In recent weeks, quite a furor has been raised around a certain YA novel (and it’s lovely, dreamy cover). 

Yes, I am talking about The Selection by Kiera Cass . 

 Wendy Darling, one of  Goodreads' most read and well respected reviewers didn’t much like it. And, as is her habit, she very eloquently said so. As Goodreads is a site of readers for readers, you may wonder why I’m bringing such a thing to your attention. 

Well, she was attacked, rather relentlessly, for it on her blog. 

I have a big problem with this. 

Authors, listen-up. Here’s the deal: 

Eventually, unfavourable reviews come to us all. It’s an occupational hazard. Yes, yes, you’ve put your baby out there and loads of folks have positively reinforced that decision, but you can’t please everyone. In the very same way that you’ve picked up dozens (hundreds?), of books , only to drop them as if they caused acid-burn to your eyes minutes later, someone, somewhere, will do to you and yours. 

One day, this will happen to me. 

So far, Neverdark has been pretty uniformly well-received, but sooner or later, some honest reviewer is going to ‘hate it and say it’ so clearly that I’ll have to fight the compulsion to tuck tail, run, and hide. 

I need a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, just thinking about it. 

But, you know what? When I’m done hiding my head under the duvet, I’ll poke my stuffy, red nose out, open my weepy eyes and say, “THANK YOU”. 

Every review is a gift. Authors forget that fact at their peril. It’s a big world, full of all sorts of interesting people with tastes as varied as fish in the sea, and you cannot please them all. But, anyone who reads you and takes the time out of her day to leave a polite, honest review has earned your heartfelt appreciation. 

So, kudos to Wendy Darling. Keep up the good work!


  1. This is one of my biggest issues. Bad reviews come with the territory and we should accept them with the knowledge that, yes, in fact, not everyone is going to like our work. People don't like my blogs, vlogs and writings all the time, I don't bite back, and I certainly don't expect others to do so on my behalf.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And, as long as the opinion is given in a respectful and honest way, we shouldn't mistreat them.

    Freedom of speech. And as long as the person isn't being malicious, then say thank you and move on. Or post your own review stating why you like it!

  2. For the record: Your vlog ROCKS! :o)